染めか?織りか? どちらか一つを専攻に決めなくてはいけなかった時代から、もっと自由に幅広く学べる時代へと変化していきました。



「SQUARE染textile展 1」を企画する事が出来ました。





2014年  発起人:小林るり  賛同人:荒姿寿 竹中明子

「SQUARE染textile展 1」


How SQUARE Dyed Textiles Began

When I was a student, we used the Japanese term senshoku ("dyeing and weaving" or "textile arts"), but today, people generally use the English term "textiles."
We've shifted from an era where one had to specialize in either dyeing or weaving, to an era where one can learn textile arts more freely and broadly.

At present, there is dizzying progress in terms of chemical materials, techniques, and machines, and themes have become truly diverse. Thus wonderful textile art pieces and products have been created through the complication and entanglement of various elements.
However, when we look at the textile-related shows constantly being held all over Japan and the world, and ask whether they are focused on dyeing, weaving, or a mixture of the two, I feel that very few pieces are made through simple hand-dyeing of a single piece of cloth, and that's unfortunate.

In dyeing a single piece of cloth, a pattern is created by permeating color into cloth fibers, without causing any physical thickening or bumpiness of the cloth.
Looking at such pieces, the theme doesn't emerge and come toward you, as though in 3D. You see the color as though you were seeing deeper and deeper into the piece.
Dyeing. The beautiful world of dyes expands out from there.
I've long thought I want to shine more of a spotlight on the world of dyeing.

In 2014, we finally planned the "SQUARE Dyed Textile Exhibition 1" as a first step toward realizing that dream.
This project had the following three conditions:
(1) Hand dyeing of cloths, one at a time
(2) No processing or treatment other than dyeing
(3) Affixing to panels with the same standards, so visitors can easily compare dyeing work

"The simple act of dyeing. The depth of dyed cloth"
Going forward, we hope to continue the SQUARE Dyed Textile Exhibitions—focused on dyeing, and transcending the boundaries between modern artists, dyers, and traditional craftspeople.

2014, Originator: Ruri KOBAYASHI, Supporters: Shizu ARA, Akiko TAKENAKA